Drives, Patios, & Decking

We care about our customers by providing an individual approach using modern building practices and materials

Phil Oakley Construction offers a wide range of options to meet the most sophisticated design criteria for your drivepatio or garden decking. We offer a comprehensive design service to all of our clients that saves our clients a lot of time and stress. Once we have a design, we will carry out the complete works from start to finish. Some driveways and patios require the most thorough planning to deliver a high quality, pleasant-looking result.

If you know what you want or need to discuss a specific project, contact us and we'll be pleased to help.


A well-designed and professionally laid driveway will be clearly recognisable after several months of use. Any driveway will look good in the beginning but the ones laid by us are definitely a long-term investment and won’t sink or shift over the years. Without a doubt, a good quality driveway will add value to your property from the moment it is finished.

If you know what you want or need to talk to an expert about your drive, contact us or call 01633 423555 and we'll be pleased to help.


Enhance your property with an expertly laid patio.

We can supply and lay a wide range of styles and colours of patio from, basic slabs to natural stone or slate, concrete or clay paviors or any combination depending on your personal taste.


Make the most of your garden with a proffessionally designed and constructed decking made of one of the following,

Softwood tanilised timber, this is the most basic and cheapest system but still guaranteed to give a long and durable life, normally at least ten years with minimal maintenance.

Hardwood giving a higher quality finish and longevity

PVC decking system which is maintenace free and has the longest life span but is the most expensive.

All the above can be constructed in your garden to give a great area of enjoyment throughout the summer months.

Decking can also be used to ecanomically level out a sloping garden maximising the area at your disposal.

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