Roofing & Loft Convervsions

We believe our high level of customer care is unique within the construction industry, making Phil Oakley Construction the perfect choice for your building or maintenance project

The roof can be considered as one of the most important parts of a property. A leaking or insecure roof can lead to long-term issues such as rotten timbers or even other structural damage. If you require a new or replacement roof, contact us on 01633 423555 for a no obligation review of your needs.

Often people make the mistake of spending time and money on internal refurbishment while disregarding the basic fabric of the building. A solid build roof is fundamental to protecting your house and maintaining its value.

Of course, when thinking about your roof have you considered a loft conversion? To make the most out of the space withon your property, whilst adding value to it, a loft conversion could be the perfect solution.

New & Replacement Roofs

Phil Oakley Construction has devoted, experienced teams that can provide a wide variety of roofing services. If you are moving or considering buying a new property, the condition of the roof should be an important consideration. Surveyors usually comment on this in their report, but they can be a little pessimistic and may not cover all the details. Our team can assess your roof and give you a fair and candid report together with a detailed quotation for any work that needs undertaking.

If you are involved in a new build or a roof extension project and require roofing services, we can definitely help. In the early stages we can provide you with a quotation for the roof covering based on the architect's plans. Furthermore, we can provide competent advice on the options for materials and construction methods.

Also, why not consider a loft conversion while you are at it, adding valuable space and adding real value to your property. Call 01633 42355 to dscuss your needs.

Loft Conversions

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If you are thinking of increasing the size and value of your property, consider an extra bedroom or playroom with the option of an extra bathroom.

The cheapest and least disruptive way is a loft conversion, there are several types available depending on personal requirements, location and budget.

1.    Instal velux windows for natural light, keeping original roof shape.

2.    Construct dorma windows which will give extra room and head height whilst adding character to your property.

3.    Hip to gable conversion, altering the shape of the roof to maximise space.

4,    Mansard or French roof which involves a total reconstruction of the roof to maximise options.

We can design and build any of the above to your personal requirements and budget, for further information  or free quotationplease contact us.